Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well well well, I've finally decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and get one of my own. The name you ask? Well if I remeber correctly, when Pandora opened the box, all the bad things got out of it and tainted our world. She closed it quickly but most of it's content had already spilled out. All of it actually, but one thing: Hope. So this is my little box of Hope. Even if the world is tainted with evil, there are many beautifull things to discover.

I intend this to be an Art blog. I'll post sketches, talk about some of my favorite artists out there, random awsome stuff I find on the net, designs and pretty much anything I think is worth sharing with the world!

I hope you'll enjoy it, though I don't promise to update regurarly. I'll just update when I have something to share so this way I won't feel pressured and I can use this blog as pure entertainement and not feel it's become a duty.

Don't be shy to comment, I'd love to know your opinions about everything. French and English ;)

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