Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sketch dump

Well I'm almost done with my current sketchbook and I thought I'd post the sketches that will never be more than sketches. Not many worth showing considering the number of pages that are in there. Sorry for crappy pictures, since they will never be finished I didn't feel like scanning them.

Done with a model. This dates back to last spring/summer.

This is my sketch for the painting I want to do for my room. I did the top one. Stil haven't gotten around to do the others. I got the canvas though.

The first one was done during the reading week. The second one was done some time last month. Who can guess who it is? ;) I'm not a lost cause. I just think his persona is very inspiring.

Quick crappy sketch in like 2 minutes.

Drawing I did this weekend. Inspired by this

Done tonight. Both done with reference from here.


Laurie said...

Yéééééé! Des dessins des dessins!
J'Aime tant tes croquis, tu fais toujours plei de trucs variés! Plus plus!

We love Tom!

Drathira said...

hhahhhahaha tellement! We love Tom!! contente que ça te plaise! je continue d'essayer d'en faire mais je manque didées haha ^^;