Monday, March 16, 2009


If you don't know Owl City, you should. Music that makes people happy ^^ I feel like summer everytime I listen to it! Well go check it out. Then come back and you'll understand the inspiration behind this drawing. I doodled it this summer (or was it this winter .... can't remember) anyways I just finished it tonight. I used Painter! Man is that software the best ever for painting ? Well sure I would tweak a few things but that's probably jsut because I don't know it well enough and I'm too stuck with my photoshop habits. But duuuuude!!! The brush turns as you turn your ben, the colors blend beautifully and all alone, and that alone should make you want to run towards it with open arms! Painter never more will I say photoshop can do all you can do and more. *hugs* ... ok on to the drawing then!


Ricoche said...

Je connais pas Owl City, mais le dessin est vraiment chouette!

Et je veux painter moi aussi!

Trunks_01 said...

Le dessin fait vraiment été entk :)

Drathira said...

Oui été!!!

et rika tu demandras a Annie :P

Laurie said...

10 ans en retard..

Drathira said...

heheh c'est pas grave merci quand meme ^^