Monday, April 13, 2009

Internship - day 1

I've started my internship over at Paquin design today. I decided to make daily posts about it to keep an account of my experience and because I'm sure I'll forget things if I don't write them down!
Today went great! The team was very welcoming and easy going. No awkward moments or anything. I'm also very glad because they take me seriously. I did a touristic guide ad for one of their clients in the morning as my first ever real project (or almost first). It sure wasn't a lot of conception but I was very glad that I could put my technical knowledge to the test. Hope I passed! And let's keep it real, it's not always going to be total creative freedom ... actually I expect it to be so very rarely.
I choose some pictures for a magazine in the afternoon. My first real experience with stock images. I think there will be many firsts in the next few weeks. I also started reviewing a project that required some modifications. My first taking over a project done by someone else. I hope I'll be able to meet the client's expectations. This is what all the job is about after all. So for a little while I'll be switching type sizes and change pictures (my second real encounter with stock image ;) ) I find it helps me pay more attention to the impact of type size, choice and characteristics. I guess we never learn before experiancing it first hand!
I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!
signing off


Annie said...


Drathira said...

Hhahaha I think your comments are always hilarious XD hehehehheehhehe

Laurie said...

Woooow! Laura, je veux absolument que tu me réserves une soirée cette semaine (ou a un autre moment, c'est toi qui vois!) pour me raconter ta *nouvelle vie*. :D

Drathira said...

hahaha est-ce que je dois comprendre que tu as rien compris parce que c'est en anglais ? hihihi pas de probleme croquette c'Est quand tu veux!

Laurie said...

Woooooooo! J'ai tout lu et j'ai tout compris! :P
Demain ou Jeudi ça te dirais! :D

Zah said...

ahahah, juste le fait que t'appelles Laurie croquette fallait que je commente, trop cute:P

high five, nice first day!

Drathira said...

laurie, faisons ça jeudi, la je dois aller faire réparer mon mac demain (grr)

zah, hahaha c'est elle qui disais au début alors jai associé se nom la à elle :P
ça c'était la journé d'hier! aujourd'hui cétait encore mieux attends que je vous raconte! hehe