Friday, April 24, 2009

Internship - day 10

Half way through! It's going by so fast!
What did I do today? finished doing the english and spanish version, now I'm working on my flags ... so long and painful!
And I also ... redid my invitation card. Yeah you read that right. It wasn't approved so I had to redo it. Luckly they like at least one of the elements that I used and they gave me more clues as to what they wanted so I hope this time will be the right one. I sent 4 variations of the same cover to make sure they like at least one. it's like playing mastermind. I'm really tired of working on the project. I don't so much mind that they didn't like the design, 'Caus to be frank I didn't like the second one much either. But I'm just sick of starting over. I'm running out of ideas to please them. Oh well, the directors were as desperate as me, and they told me not to take it personal. Even they don't know what to provide them with. They told me to sop trying to find a concept and just go for the cheesy classical stuff. Hope it works.
Signing off for the weekend, will try to get my mind off that project.

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