Monday, April 27, 2009

Internship - day 11

Hello all!
Third week started off great! My invitation card design was finally accepted! And they took the best variation of the 4 I had sent them. Things are looking good! But now I have to do the plan that goes with the invitation and also find a pantone color that fits the cmyk colors for the writing on the enveloppe. Charming. Details but I haven't gotten around to do them yet because I've been busy today with little things.
I finished the french version of the document I'm translating (well I'm not translating them but you get the picture by now). I had to prepare it for print and it got a bit tricky because the cover was done in illustrator and we had to redo it for inDesign because we weren't sure of the resolution of the picture inside the first cover... Well it sounds more complicated than it is but it was jsut a lot of little things added together that made it very long to do, and in 3 languages too. Now the french version is off to print. I'll be sending the spanish and english versions tomorrow for corrections! Now if I could only be done with the invitation card I'd be happy :D
Signing off!

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