Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Internship - day 12

Day 12! I finished the parking map for the invitation card and sent it for approval. After a few more corrections I got the final approval 5 minutes before 5. Tomorrow it's off to the printer! Glad I finished he production part while I waited for their approbation!
I also sent the spanish and english versions for corrections. I'm learning a bunch of stuff about ISBN codes with that project haha. I got a call from the printer that they had not recieved my french version ... but it ended up beeing just a misunderstanding of ftp accounts. That got sorted out too.
And finally I got started on a new project! I'm doing a page layout for some kind of guide for a town. Only 35 copies will be printed (compared to the many thousands of the multi-language project it's not much hahaha) and it has to follow some general feeling of the organization the guide is for. It shouldn't be too complicated but it will put my layout knowledge to test! I'm happy to start on a new project!
Signing off!

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