Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internship - day 14

Well today was very ... NOT busy haha. First I got a message telling me to stop doing the portugese version because they would soon recieve to corrected version. Ok ... gotta wait till monday for that. I also finally got the ISBN codes for the translated versions.
Then I finished doing the cover for the guide I'm doing. Found familly pictures. We recieved he binders in which the copies will be held ... yes that little production haha. And we figured we could not put anything on the side of the binder because they were too small so I have a bit less work to do! (Well ... it was already done but at least I won't have to do any prod on it!) And well I'm still waiting for the pictures and updated info to finish that guide so that's on hold too.
So at that point they ran out of things for me to do. haha so I ended up starting planning an animation of their logo that will be displayed on a tv they have in the conference "room". I put room in "" 'caus there are no real rooms it's all open space. Fun stuff. I'll get to experiment a bit more with the camera from After Effects. So I downloaded the trials of after effects CS4 and flash CS4 to work on my comp (since they didn't buy a full version for me and that'S the only project that will be requiring me to use them) only to realize AE cs4 doesn't work on a powerPC ... well so be it! tomorrow I shall bring my laptop and work on the school version. So instead I worked on the last part of my animation that only required Flash to do. Now I hope I'll have time to work on it tomorrow. Otherwise well ... I guess the Flash part could do for a logo animation. It's just quite short and boring on it's own.
Did any of you have a look at the CS4 version of Flash?? It looks so much like AE it's crazy ... (the layout mainly and the tweening ... I'm so lost!)
Oh well we'll see!
Signing off!

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