Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Internship - day 2

So! second day is over and what can I say? Things are looking good! My god I never thought one person could make such a difference! You have to understand the team is made up of 4 people (well five now that I'm there) three of which went to school together. So the atmosphere is really friendly and easy. The president and the artistic director work in the office two days a week each since they don't live in quebec. Yesterday was pretty calm and nice with only the president. Today was really energetic and talkative and happy with everyone there. Our artistic director is a ball of pure energy it's crazy. For those of you that where at the conference you got a glimpse at how he is. He lives true to that first impression! It's a really motivating work environement!
So this morning I finalized the research for the poject I have to modify a bit and now I have to wait for the clients precise requests before actually doing the changes. They were running out of things to make me do since everything was somewhat on hold but not for long 'caus I soon got more work on my plate, and I ain't complaining! I'm loving it! (hahahah those that catch the reference get a robot part :P )
I also did two batches of correction on the ad I did yesterday. I'm glad 'caus it looks better now that there is less info on it. More space for the visual!
We also set up the mini portative photo studio so I could take pictures of one of their creation for their online portfolio. I'll tell you if it gets put up soon :D Man their camera was heavy!! But it was nice and it ended up doing some neat perspective blur (not that I chose to do it, more like it happened hahahah that's what you get when you don't know the camera, happy fate :D)
And then comes the big juicy happy piece of my time there so far! I'm doing an invitation card and I get to do the whole concept and everything. I'm really excited! I spent the afternoon doing sketches and researching the topic and tomorrow I've got to bring my inks 'caus it'll be hand made illustration day! It'll be fun fun fun! I hope it turns out like I picutre it in my mind but it's rarely the case for ink work haha (maybe that's because I don't master it that well heh).
Anyways I'll keep you posted on what happens tomorrow! I don't think I can post examples up but I'll ask we never know. I'll probably be allowed once it's finished and printed.
I got my computer installed today, pretty huge screen! I'm not used to it but I can't complain for more space for tools and design at the same time! Got myself a skype accout too since that's how they keep in touch at work heh funny. And I discovered that CS3 is not always compatible with CS2 ... oh well. At least it didn't cause too many problems! Remind me of bringing my USB key, I keep borrowing everyone's haha.
Oh and for those that are concerned, I'll be going with all of you to montreal on may 7th!
Signing off :P

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