Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Internship - day 3

Well here day 3 is gone too. Only 17 more to go. Sad that it's such a short time really.
Anyways today wasn't very eventfull. I spent the day working on that invitation card. And as I foresaw, inks didn't follow my command. By noon I was desperate to get something right and I went back to my comp to get some refferences, some tutorials and some inspiration. I ended up tracing a photo reference to get the character right. I'm glad I did because the result was more like what I was seeing in my head. Why make things more complicated when you don't have to? And it also turns out the only good way to use ink is by applying water on the paper first and the ink afterwards. Otherwise it looks too stiff. I'm sure I'm the one to blame for that and not the ink but whatever. Why I just love technology is that with photoshop I was able to put all my failled atempts together into one sucess. It seems I wasn't always messing up the same part. Now let's just hope the client is gonna like it. The others seemed to like it and I'm pretty proud too. I just have to rework some parts now that I know exactly how it has to be ... Means more ink for tomorrow!
Tomorrow I also expect to be able to start applying the changes to the project I took over.
I also haven't heard back from the ad I did on monday which is good news I guess! Means it went by the first wave of approbations.
As for atmosphere, I'm getting very comfortable there. I got acquainted with the scanner, very lovely ... I think I had to unplug it a total of 15 times to scan 6 papers. Scanners are forever stubborn but essential. The people on the other hand are very friendly and funny. I'm sure by the end of my internship I'll miss them!
Well that's about it for today, I'm making up for the long read of yesterday with a short post.
Signing off

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