Friday, April 17, 2009

Internship - day 5

So here goes today's summary! It seems I was right to wonder what they would have me do 'caus they were wondering too haha. First I got my corrections revised by one of my co-workers and later they were sent back to the client. Hope they don't come up with too many new ones :P. We also got the confirmation that the ad I did on monday was approved, so one project is done!
I spent the major part of the day working on a web site for the new employees of an organisation. At first we thought it had to be orange ... so orange it was. But we eventually asked and they sent us a brochure to get inspired color wise. It looks way better now! Too much orange is hard for the eyes. I also "designed" a video interface. You know those little play, stop, fforward, volume buttons on videos? Well yeah that. That was a new experience. Very technical. Now I'm curious to see how it gets integrated. I'll have to follow that project with the programmer, I'm sure I'll learn a bunch! One thing I'm starting to notice is that clients are prone to changes. We had 3 documents that depicted the site's structure and the 3 were different. Oh well ... I did it one of the ways and they'll just ask for changes if it wasn'T the good one.
I was quite happy that my design got approved by the bosses :D Up to now they seem pretty pleased with my work. I also seem to be working faster than they can provide work. I spent a part of my afternoon getting my projects ready for the online portfolio for school because I was done with everything.
Today was very relax, for me at least. Still no news about the invitation card. Next week they are putting me on some corrections for another project.
Meanwhile, I'm signing off for the week end!
Oh and while I'm at it, they updated their website with the new projects, one of which is the one I took pictures of. Go have a look ;) it's the update from april 6th.

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