Monday, April 20, 2009

Internship - day 6

Frist day of a new week! Started off on a new project. Well kind of new. I'm updating the look for the 2009 leaflet for the program of a summer camp. I've spent the day looking at picture of people smiling and having fun outdoors on a sunny day. I can't wait for summer! Some things I noticed: it's utterly important to do things logically and right the first time because when someone takes over your work to modify it, that person's gonna be in trouble if you didn't do it right. Paragraph styles are usefull and the table tool in InDesign is quite capable. At least I've learned that lesson from this work. I still managed to make all the changes quite quickly. It just would have been simpler the other way. Oh well there is a bit of everything in a job, I'm glad I stumble upon cases like this now. I'll have knowledge for the future! I also drew a picto today and it was funny. I also noticed that changing colors changes completely the feeling of a design. It makes the refreshing job easier.
I worked with diverse brushes and I had to extract two people from a picture. Was a good revision of how to do that, it had been a while. I'm also always surprised at how quickly brushes will lighten and make a design interesting. Easy but efficient way to do things. Anyways I'm really enjoying myself with that project!
On a lower note, I got some reviews on the website I did friday. There will be some changes needed to make it look more professional but I was expecting this. I don't have a very wide web experience and I'm sure I'll learn a bunch from this one. It'll have to wait a bit though because they have to rework the organization of the content.
Can't wait to be tomorrow already!
Signing off.

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