Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internship - day 7

Hey all!
Another day is over! I finished the corrections on the schedule leaflet today. Sometimes making grammar and spelling corrections for the clients are a must ... they just don't know better. Anyways.
I also got my first bad news ... the invitation card design was refused because it was too trash for them. They want something more clean and classic. We were expecting this, it still hurts a bit. And I was caught a bit off guard since they tell me they want it on another subject than what I had been working on. And a not so inspiring subject to top it all. Anyways I was told this happens all the time in the industry. Clients have something in mind but they don't tell you because they want to know what you come up with. The thing is they really want what they thought about and you end up having to start over. Oh well life is life. I spent the whole day trying to come up with some interesting design but I failed miserably. I'll try starting fresh tomorrow and in a new direction. I hope it goes better than today! Wish me luck!
Signing off.


Trunks_01 said...

Bonne chance pour demain alors :)

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