Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Internship - day 8

Well today went a bit better! I think I finaly got a concept for that invitation card, let's just hope it gets approved! I don't really like it but I don't think any of the things I'll do on that subject will be good so I'll go with the not so bad one haha. I much prefer the interior of the card which is entirely type and is quite classy. Oh well, i'll ask the artistic director tomorrow what he thinks of it.
I also learned today to always watch for unwanted meanings or associations. My collegue thought the building looked phalic. We had a good laugh and I added details to make sure it represented the building properly. It's always usefull to get another opinion on your work.
We got some more corrections on the schedule leaflet. They were sometimes contradictory with the first ones we got because it wasn't the same person in charge. I guess this is bound to happen too sometimes. Oh well, this was quickly done.
Tomorrow I'm supposed to get the last corrections on a project I took over last week. When it's done, I'll have to adapt the design for spanish, english, arabic and chinese. The last two worry me a bit ... they do read from right to left so I'll have to think of a way to switch the design around or something. Oh well ... we shall see.
Signing off!

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