Friday, May 8, 2009

Internship - day 19 & 20

How is the world doing today? It's my last day at paquin design. Sad. Every good thing has to end at some point. And I'll be back so all is good! Now, yesterday wasn't really an internship day since we were doing an outing with the school so all I'll say is the BNL MTL is really wicked cool and that I feel like doing shop droping in Quebec now. I like open culture. If you want to understand, or feel like going, visit:
Today was pretty unproductive. I finalized the guide project for printing but we're still waiting on a picture to be able to send it to the printer (the 35 copies in binders thing) so I won't be finishing that project.
I also wrorte descriptions for a website to post on online directories. It seems if you post the website in many directories with the same description, google will take it only once and all the hard work to get extra backlinking will be lost. Now try saying the same thing in 20 different ways. It's not that easy! It's quite a challenge.
And I did some cleaning in my folders for the others to be able to use my stuff without being too lost. Hopefully I'll be back to help them soon!
Well that's all folks! Internship report is on tuesday.
My time as a student is almost over.
If you ever need a graphic designer, call me (or rather drop me a mail), I'm a profesionnal now!
The next updates will hopefully be more graphicly interesting sutff than me babling about my life :D
See you soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Internship - day 18

Today was pretty eventfull. At first I was out of work so they gave me an ad to do for the same happy company I did a leaflet for. I pretty much had to adapt last years ad to another format and update the look a bit. The major problem was that the size was about 2/3 of the first one. Which means I had to stack the information and make the type as small I dared without it looking like we were trying to sell them soemthing they didn't sign up for.
Then we ahd to chase after a big enough picture to fit the huge panels. We had to reduce the size to 72 dpi. I'm afraid to know what it will look like in the end but we didn't really have a choice. Anyways, I finally sent them off for the client to show her approval comitee.
I also tweaked the Flash part of the animation and put it on my USB key so I can finish the animation when I'll ahve my computer back.
At noon we went out to eat a restaurant for my goodbye. That was very nice and quite unexpected. They also gave me a little gift, a very beautiful necklace. And at the end of the day they also talked to me about working for them after my internship as a freelancer. Particularly for the multilanguage proejct. I'm thrilled. It's not a full time job but I wasn't expecting one, they don't have enough job to hire another person full time. Anyways life looks good. If only my computer could be repaired soon.
Tomorrow we're going to montreal with the school. I'll be back to my internship friday and then it won't be an internship anymore!
Signing off!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Internship - day 17

Well today went realtively well up to a certain point. First, I got the Creole version of the docuemnt I'm doing in multiple languages. Wasn't expecting that one! It was a pretty interesting read. That is a tongue that you can understand when spoken but that doesn't look anything like french when written. I found it was the hardest to adapt up to now because when I stopped trying to read I could not mentally mark where I was at in the text. I got through it though and sent it off for revisions. I also finally got an ISBN code for the portugese versions but still not the final portugese text. We have 3 other languages it seems ... arabic, madarin and ... Romanian! That was a surprise! I hope I'll get to do it before I finish my internship! Tomorrow we're supposed to group call the translator to prepare for the arabic version that reads backwards. Should be interesting.
Today I strarted on a rush project, easy stuff not really any conception but it has to be done. It's some huge advertising fabric pannels ... and I'm finidng it very hard to find pictures that are 76 inches high ... even at 100 dpi. I've learned a new cheating technique to make your pictures bigger. Adding size little by little doesn't festroy the picture as much as if you're make a huge change. So we can gain up to 25% of the picture size. Not the best but it helps in cases like these!
I tweaked my animation also and I'm about done. The problem is I probably won't be able to finish it before my internship is over since my computer died and I was working on it. All my files are lsot for the time being. I'm kind of pissed. I don'T knwo what happened. All was going well today, I close my computer, go home, try to open it and I would get was the nice little opening noise and that'S it ... nothing but a black screen. Called apple care and it would seem to be my graphic card. Went to Zone to have it repaired, the dude plugged it on their monitor and nothing ... seems it might be the motherboard. That was sudden ... anyways I won'T have a computer for the next week or so ... if the piece comes in fast. Great thing that I have my expo comign up and that I have to prepare everything ... grrr. Luckily I had backed everything up ... except for that stupid animation, *sigh* anyways.
On a brighter note, go see our online portfolio, and most specifically mine :D
Signing off!

Internship - day 16

Oups It seems I missed my update yesterday! Sorry I forgot! You'll get 2 today!
So yesterday I worked on my animation all day long. Or almost. I took like 15 minutes to clean a text for someone and 5 to send the guide project off for aprobation this morning.
So today I'm expecting to work on it some more if I don't get the documents I need. I'm at the tweaking part now. Everything is in place but because of the 3d it's also all skewed. So I'm trying to fix that. We also tried it on the tv. A tv screen is a hundred times more bright than a computer screen. It just hurt our eyes so bad to see the red on tv. We decided that it would be better for the animation to play once evey 15 minutes or something. So I added like 14 minutes of black screen and manaed to make the transition between the black screen and the begining and the end and the black screen. If anyone know if we can program an animation to play evey 15 minutes on a dvd please do tell.Oh and did you know that when you import an .eps in AE the colors are different than when you import a .swf? That is annoying as hell .... Anyways!
Signing off! You'll get the update for today later hahahah after I actually live through it to tell :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

Internship - day 15

Another week has come and gone. I have only one left. I can't believe how fast time goes! Today I got to work on the animation a bit more. Working with a virual camera requires so much focus and space awareness! It's haaaaard! If I manage to do what I have in mind properly I'll be super proud! Sadly I didn't have time to finish it 'caus I got the stuff I was waiting on for the guide.
So I'm about done with that project, was about to send it out to the client today but I was waiting on a picture from my boss and she was in a meeting so it'll wait for monday.
I also about started to clean a text for a future work (probably not done by me) but they will recieve a newer corrected version soon too ... that seems to happen a lot haha. So Instead I only extracted the images from the word document ... see I told you that happened a lot!
Well that's all folks! Signing off for the week-end!
And btw, just went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine ... and that movie is badass!! go see it!