Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Internship - day 16

Oups It seems I missed my update yesterday! Sorry I forgot! You'll get 2 today!
So yesterday I worked on my animation all day long. Or almost. I took like 15 minutes to clean a text for someone and 5 to send the guide project off for aprobation this morning.
So today I'm expecting to work on it some more if I don't get the documents I need. I'm at the tweaking part now. Everything is in place but because of the 3d it's also all skewed. So I'm trying to fix that. We also tried it on the tv. A tv screen is a hundred times more bright than a computer screen. It just hurt our eyes so bad to see the red on tv. We decided that it would be better for the animation to play once evey 15 minutes or something. So I added like 14 minutes of black screen and manaed to make the transition between the black screen and the begining and the end and the black screen. If anyone know if we can program an animation to play evey 15 minutes on a dvd please do tell.Oh and did you know that when you import an .eps in AE the colors are different than when you import a .swf? That is annoying as hell .... Anyways!
Signing off! You'll get the update for today later hahahah after I actually live through it to tell :D

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