Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Internship - day 18

Today was pretty eventfull. At first I was out of work so they gave me an ad to do for the same happy company I did a leaflet for. I pretty much had to adapt last years ad to another format and update the look a bit. The major problem was that the size was about 2/3 of the first one. Which means I had to stack the information and make the type as small I dared without it looking like we were trying to sell them soemthing they didn't sign up for.
Then we ahd to chase after a big enough picture to fit the huge panels. We had to reduce the size to 72 dpi. I'm afraid to know what it will look like in the end but we didn't really have a choice. Anyways, I finally sent them off for the client to show her approval comitee.
I also tweaked the Flash part of the animation and put it on my USB key so I can finish the animation when I'll ahve my computer back.
At noon we went out to eat a restaurant for my goodbye. That was very nice and quite unexpected. They also gave me a little gift, a very beautiful necklace. And at the end of the day they also talked to me about working for them after my internship as a freelancer. Particularly for the multilanguage proejct. I'm thrilled. It's not a full time job but I wasn't expecting one, they don't have enough job to hire another person full time. Anyways life looks good. If only my computer could be repaired soon.
Tomorrow we're going to montreal with the school. I'll be back to my internship friday and then it won't be an internship anymore!
Signing off!

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Trunks_01 said...

Félicitation alors :)

Et je suis full contente que ton stage a bien été :)