Friday, May 8, 2009

Internship - day 19 & 20

How is the world doing today? It's my last day at paquin design. Sad. Every good thing has to end at some point. And I'll be back so all is good! Now, yesterday wasn't really an internship day since we were doing an outing with the school so all I'll say is the BNL MTL is really wicked cool and that I feel like doing shop droping in Quebec now. I like open culture. If you want to understand, or feel like going, visit:
Today was pretty unproductive. I finalized the guide project for printing but we're still waiting on a picture to be able to send it to the printer (the 35 copies in binders thing) so I won't be finishing that project.
I also wrorte descriptions for a website to post on online directories. It seems if you post the website in many directories with the same description, google will take it only once and all the hard work to get extra backlinking will be lost. Now try saying the same thing in 20 different ways. It's not that easy! It's quite a challenge.
And I did some cleaning in my folders for the others to be able to use my stuff without being too lost. Hopefully I'll be back to help them soon!
Well that's all folks! Internship report is on tuesday.
My time as a student is almost over.
If you ever need a graphic designer, call me (or rather drop me a mail), I'm a profesionnal now!
The next updates will hopefully be more graphicly interesting sutff than me babling about my life :D
See you soon!

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