Monday, June 1, 2009

Owl city!

Hey everyone!

Guess what? Good news! Owl city just released a new song called "Strawberry Avalanche". Along with the other new song "Hot Air Balloon" this was enough to get me inspired to finish the other drawing inspired by owl city I started last summer! With the help of the awsome painter and a few hours of Adam's music I managed to wrap another piece. This should put some color on my blog. It's been text and text for way too long! hahah Click it to make it big! You should also visit owl city's website to listen to the nice happy music!

Owl city is on tour all summer and fall! So if you're luckier than I am and have a chance to go to the states or ontario or british columbia when there is a show scheduled, please go and take pictures for me! CLICK HERE for the tour dates and also some more songs to listen to!

Be good!


Laueiw said...

Aaaaah! Un dessin! Un dessin!
C'est trop jolie! Ça me rend toute heureuse!
Dès que je retrouve l'ouïe je vais écouter ça!!! :P

Drathira said...

aww pove tite chouette jespere que tu va les guérir tes otites!!
Merchi :D je suis contente que ça te rende heureuse pcq c'est l'effet qu'a la musique de owl city! yé!

Laurie said...

Mes oreilles sont presque guéris et elles aiment le clavier d'Owl city!!!

(Je suis ben drole, j'ai écris Laueiw au dernier poste... que cé ça?)

Drathira said...

Yé! pour le clavier et pour ta guérison (ou presque)